About Us

1. Strong strength Glue box packaging products
2. Quality assurance Strict control of product quality
3. Specialized customization to match client needs
4. Improvement of after-sales service system

Dongguan Zhicheng Packaging Products Co.

Dongguan Zhicheng Packaging Products Co., Ltd (original name: Shenzhen YIVESHENG Packaging Products Co., Ltd) was founded in November 2013, is a professional production of plastic box packaging enterprises, accumulated many years of experience in the production of plastic box printing.

The products are widely used in toys, hardware, electronics, stationery, handicrafts, food, clothing and other fields, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced machinery and equipment, according to the requirements of customers to customize different shapes, sizes and printing effects of packaging products.

We have a wide range of products, including PVC, PET, PP, PETG, PS folding box, apple batch, automatic snap bottom folding box, soft wire folding box, beer sheet, heaven and earth box, soft plastic, blister and other products.

We are always first-class quality service, first-class management to ensure the quality of products, to meet the requirements of new and old customers, professional technology and rich experience; to provide customers with one-stop overall packaging solutions services.

Craftsmanship - every detail is carefully crafted.

From production to shipment, we pay attention to the pursuit of quality in every detail.

company culture
Enterprise spirit: self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance, self-improvement

  • Customers: To provide customers with high quality and maximum value of specialized products and services, and to win customers' understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength.
  • Employees: trust the efforts and dedication of employees, recognize the achievements of employees and provide corresponding returns, and create a good working environment and development prospects for employees.
  • Market: To reduce the procurement cost and risk for customers and to provide practical protection for customers' investment. Development: Pursuing the goal of sustainable development and basing it on customer satisfaction.