Transparent plastic box, make your products more beautiful

1. Strong strength Glue box packaging products
2. Quality assurance Strict control of product quality
3. Specialized customization to match client needs
4. Improvement of after-sales service system

Recommended Products

Transparent PET box
PP frosted plastic box
apple pie

Production equipment

Automated production equipment can be seamlessly integrated with the customer's production line in a one-stop manner, further reducing product accidents in the packaging and transportation process, while saving warehousing and transportation costs and reducing costs.

Product Exhibition

A wide range of products, including PVC, PET, PP, PETG, PS folding box, apple batch, automatic bottom folding box, soft line folding box, beer sheet, heaven and earth box, soft plastic, blister and other products.

Inside - Zhicheng Packaging

Scale Grasp Details - Attitude Determines Future

Established in 2019
8 technology patents
Nearly 150 R&D staff
100 units of various types of test equipment

Four advantages of choosing Zhicheng Packaging

  • Industry Benchmark Brands - A Trusted Partner for Glue Box Manufacturing
  • Consistent product quality - strict control of raw materials and production
  • Customized products on demand - fast response to customer requirements
  • Rapid Response Service - Creating Greater Value for Customers

Craftsmanship - every detail is carefully crafted.

From production to shipment, we pay attention to the pursuit of quality in every detail.